Kanye West Pushes His Presidential Campaign Till 2024


Listen up, voters, there’s been a change in plans! Kanye West let his fans know via Twitter that he won’t begin his presidential campaign until the year 2024. The rapper’s sudden change of heart happened right after his meeting with Donald Trump. Will he run as a Republican?!

What made him change his mind? Kanye West, 39, was totally gung-ho about running for president in 2020, but now, it sounds like he’s second guessing himself. The “Famous” rapper announced to his millions of followers on Twitter that he’s pushing his presidential campaign plans back by four years. Now, he’s saying that he won’t run until 2024. A man like Kanye is not easily convinced or pucsuaded to pause and think, but the not-so-subtle meeting with Donald Trump might have changed his ways.

The world was left totally speechless when the “Famous” rapper met with Donald inside Trump Tower in NYC on Dec. 13. Most us thought Yeezy resurfaced in the Big Apple to continue his “Saint Pablo” tour, but according to the man himself, he wanted to meet with Donald to discuss “multicultural issues.” “This issues included bullying, supporting teachers, and violence in Chicago,” he wrote on Twitter. But wait, isn’t the business mogul the biggest bully of them all?